Michael Reagan's Art Gallery
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".....I can't tell you what a relief it is to see ones by someone who can draw."
      Katherine Houghton Hepburn February 3, 1977

" Thank you very much for that picture. That's quite a gift, and it will hang in my museum with your name underneath it."
      Bob Hope November 1, 1981

" Thank you. I'm giving it to my father for Christmas. He just told me he has no pictures of me. I think he'll love this."

      Oprah Winfrey December 19, 1997

" What a generous spirit you have. I admire you tremendously for using your artistic gift to benefit others, Mike. And I am flattered that you have chosen me as one of your subjects."

      Katie Couric April 26, 1996

" This is just a brief note to thank you for your thoughtful and generous gesture in presenting me with the very impressive pencil illustration while I was in Seattle recently. It is certainly one of the best likeness I have seen and I am pleased to have it. ......."

      Ronald Reagan June 17, 1980

"Mrs. Thatcher was delighted with the drawing you enclosed and much appreciated your kind thought in sending it to her. I have the pleasure in returning one of your drawings which the Prime Minister has signed."

      David Barclay for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher October 31, 1983

" Just a note to thank you for the beautifull portrait. I have already sent it to be framed and I will add it to my collection."

      Edson Arantes do Nascimento - Pele August 23, 1988

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